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→ Safety planning when Preparing to leave

Staying Safe When Preparing to Leave

  • Leave money, clothes, an extra set of keys, and important documents with someone you trust.
  • Items to take with you when leaving:

    • Driver’s license, photo ID, DSHS ID, Social Security Card
    • Vehicle registration, proof of insurance, title
    • Both your children’s and your birth certificate, school and vaccination records
    • Work permits, green card, passports, divorce papers, marriage certificates
    • Copies of Protection Orders, No Contact Orders, Restraining Orders
    • Keys, important phone numbers
    • Medications, medical records, insurance papers (for self and children)
    • Lease/Rental agreements, house deed, mortgage payment book
    • Copy of your résumé
    • Employment records, address book
    • Clothes (for both you and your children)
    • Pictures, jewelry, children’s favorite toys/blankets
    • Diapers, formula, wipes
    • Non perishable food items
    • Small saleable items
  • Check with friends and/or family to know who will let you stay with them or who will lend you money.

  • Review your safety plan periodically in order to plan the safest route; review it with someone you trust.

  • Open a bank account in your name; build credit in your name by getting a credit card.

  • Continue to build independence in a safe way.

  • Rehearse your escape plan and practice it with your children.

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