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About Us:

Womencare envisions a community of peaceful, safe, and healthy relationships.

Womencare Shelter is an empowerment-based organization working to end domestic violence by providing emergency, confidential shelter, 24 hour crisis support services and community education.

Womencare. . .

  • Believes all people have the right to live a life free of violence
  • Believes that domestic violence is a form of oppression stemming from abuses of power and control
  • Supports and empowers individuals to make their own life choices
    through advocacy and education
  • Believes in building healthy relationships based on trust, mutual respect and equality as a feminist organization that values the strength and power of women
  • Believes that domestic violence is a societal issue and not an individual problem

Diversity Statement:

Womencare seeks to nurture the full inclusion, at all levels, of the widest variety of cultural perspectives and experiences in our work. We are stronger as an organization when we recognize, value, and capitalize on the diverse strengths and experiences of our employees and volunteers. We honor this diversity as essential to the accomplishment of Womencare's mission.


4120 Meridian St. Suite #220 | Bellingham, WA 98226 | (360) 671-8539